Home Insurance

What is Home Insurance?

Home Insurance, also known as Homeowners Insurance, is a form of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual’s residence, along with furnishings and other assets in the home. Home Insurance will provide you cover against any ‘Acts of God’. 

Types of Home Insurance

Comprehensive Home Insurance

Under Comprehensive Home Insurances policy, your home, its contents, its structural strength and the members of your family residing in that house are protected under the umbrella of a single home cover.

Structure Home Insurance

Structure Home Insurance covers damages caused due to structural damage to the house during natural or man-made calamities. Theft and terrorist attack may also be considered for coverage.

Content Home Insurance

Content Home Insurance only covers loss or damage to material inside the house like electronics, jewelry and others. The amount given as coverage is based on the market value of the goods damaged or lost.

Benefits of Home Insurance

Home insurance is the financial security against your property that safeguards your interest in case of an external attack that inflicts damage and losses. Benefits are as follows:

Liability Coverage
Loss Of Use Insurance
Protection Of Your Main Dwelling
Protect Your Detached Structures
Coverage For Your Home’s Contents
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          If your home is destroyed by a covered peril, a standard homeowners policy will go a long way toward repairing or rebuilding your home.
          You need to figure out the estimated cost of remodeling your home, the cost of your assets in the home, and the cost of liability to others.
          Buying or building a home, although initially quite stressful, can be one of the best investment decisions. Home insurance is an automatic addition that is required to protect your new home from any potential risks or perils.
          The Schedule of Loss is a document presented to the insurance company for claiming the policy. It gives information of damaged or lost items.
          Personal liability coverage under your homeowners policy provides coverage for the payment of claims for bodily injury and property damage created by others for which you or the covered residents of your home are legally responsible.
          Homeowners policies cover partial or total damages caused by fire, hurricane, hail, lightning or any other disaster listed in your policy. Flood and earthquake-related losses must be insured separately because both perils are excluded in standard homeowners insurance policies.

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